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Facility Rules

  • Please help to keep the facility clean and tidy.
  • If you provide catering for your group, you may place tables in the corridor for this purpose. Please use tablecloth and make sure to put the tables back in place after your event.
  • Place all trash in the appropriate bin.
  • Containers for recycling cans and bottles are appropriately labeled in various locations throughout the facility.
  • A container for recycling paper is located at the reception desk.
  • Take larger garbage items, such as pizza boxes, outside the facility to the trash containers next to the parking lot.
  • When you have finished your class, please reset the technical equipment by pressing the SYSTEM EXIT button.
  • Always put tables and chairs back in order after each class or meeting.
  • Please notify the CCEE staff immediately in the event of any physical damage to the facility or any staining of carpet or walls.
  • Basic rule:┬áLeave the room as clean as you found it, or even cleaner.

Other Facility Procedures

  • The cart next to the photocopier is for transporting loads of instructional materials or other heavy items. Please return this cart to its place immediately after using it.
  • Please bring your own paper if you want to use the printer in the lobby.
  • Fire drills conducted monthly by Smith Middle School require complete evacuation of the CCEE. Evacuate through the main doors to the parking lot or through the back door of the science lab. Permission to re-enter will be announced when the drill has been completed.
  • Lost and forgotten items will be stored in the drawers on the far left side of the counter in the lobby.