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From March 18th to the 22nd, Smith Library hosted Harry Potter Week, a week-long event with tons of fun activities. Students and staff created wands, 3d printed Harry Potter themed objects, used coding magic to power Spheros, played student-made Harry Potter themed games, and dressed up as witches and wizards.

In order to keep the magic going, the CCEE offered winners of Harry Potter week events the chance to experience Harry Potter in VR during their lunch and free periods. Two of our virtual reality apps had the kind of magic we wanted to share. In the “Ravenclaw Common Room”, students used voice-command enabled spells to levitate, resize, and repair objects. Students giggled and guffawed as they enchanted tiny chocolate frogs to grow to fill the room. “Waltz of the Wizard” allowed students to concoct potions, use a magical xylophone to create portals, and fend off ghosts with enchanted swords.

Over thirty students and teachers participated in our Harry Potter VR and what fun it was. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

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