Homeschool Program

In order to support all students in the Triangle area, the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence offers a great variety of classes to homeschooled students of all grade levels. We organize a series of science courses for elementary school-aged children, starting with topics like Chemistry and Physics and ranging to Space and Weather. For middle school-aged students, our science classes include Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and several Physics classes. Our high school program focuses primarily on the Natural Sciences as well. Additionally, we offer Creative Writing and Chess.

All our classes employ pedagogical methods in accordance with the results of educational research. We know that students should be the center of learning and we provide cognitively appropriate instruction, assorted tools and materials for students to build knowledge upon their existing experience in each content area. With the goal in mind to meet the individual needs of every child and promote his or her self-learning ability, we engage students in various hands-on experiences through inquiry-based and project-oriented activities. Our classes are based on proven scientific findings agreed upon by the scholarly community of the specific content field. The curricula are designed in accordance with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the National Science Education Standards. Our highly qualified team consists of experienced teachers who hold at least a Master’s degree, some of them home schooling as well.

We are well aware of the circumstances and challenges of home schooling and try to accommodate the specific needs that come with it. Our classes take place on the same weekday for 10 weeks in a row except for national and religious holidays. On the middle and high school levels we expect that the students work on assignments for reading and researching between class sessions so that they keep up with the material. We are maintaining a Wiki website where parents and students can review the content of previous sessions and look up homework.

We are very attentive to safety and aware of food allergy issues. Therefore, we do not allow sharing of snacks and ask parents before we serve food. During classes, parents can stay in the building and attend to their other children, chat with like-minded parents or work using a free wifi network.

If you are interested, please have a look at our current class offerings.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your children to the CCEE.