Pre-Engineering with LEGO®

This class will explore concepts in Engineering and Architecture by building with LEGO®. Participants will build engineer-designed projects such as boats, bridges, mazes and motorized cars, and use special pieces to create your own unique design! Explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system all while having fun! This is an ideal way to prepare young builders for the challenge of Engineering FUNdamentals.

Sample Curriculum

Gravity Cars Gravity / Friction / Role of Wheel Size
Houses / LEGO City Structural Overlapping / 5 core house components
Belt Drive Cars Intro to Motors / Batteries / Pulley Systems
Beam Bridge Bridge Design, Overlapping
Castles and Catapults 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class Levers, Fulcrum, Throw
Gear Drive Car Meshing Gears, Gear Ratios: Torque Vs. Speed
Carnivals Crown Gears, Meshing Gears at 90 degrees
Gondolas Friction, Alternate Belt-Drive system
Airplanes and Airport Group Build / Tower Structures
Battle Tracks Rack Gear System, Monorail Vehicle Design

Age group: 5 to 7

Group size: 20

Dates: Mondays, January 27 – April 7, 2014

Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm

Costs: $150 for ten sessions of 90 minutes


Joey Zielazinski recently returned from the Republic of Azerbaijan, where he served with his wife in the Peace Corps for two years, teaching English. Originally from Oklahoma, he is now a proud Durham resident, and loves rock’n'roll, comedy, and hot dogs.