ImagineLab is open to teens (13-18) who want to learn new skills, find new ways to express themselves, and who enjoy sharing their creations with others. You don’t have to be a gamer or a maker, just bring an open mind and a positive attitude.
Children under thirteen are protected under the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) This means that children under thirteen cannot legally create accounts or access websites and apps that we would use in the camp. We want to make sure campers can take full advantage of the technologies and tools we use in the camps, so we would recommend that camper join us after they turn thirteen.
ImagineLab is the name of the summer camp as a whole. GameChangers and DreamBuilders represent two different ways to experience the camp. While there is some overlap, DreamBuilders has more of an emphasis digital design work, maker activities and hands-on creation, while GameChangers emphasizes the exploration of game culture, game design, game play, building of virtual worlds and simulations and making connections to social good and leadership through gaming.
Both DreamBuilders and GameChangers will offer campers the chance to try coding and programming in Scratch, experience Virtual and Augmented Reality, engage in cooperative group work to solve design challenges (sometimes with robots), and use various media to create games, videos, soundtracks, costumes and more. However, the key difference is that GameChangers will focus more on digital skills such as coding or learning through games, while DreamBuilders will focus more on making through engineering and design activities. Campers are welcome to try both!
DreamBuilders is offered from 6/11-8/17. GameChangers is offered from 6/25-8/17.
Our camp runs Monday to Friday, 9-4. We do not offer early or extended care at this time.
Campers sign up for either DreamBuilders or GameChangers by the week. They are welcome to stay one week or stay the whole time. We also encourage our campers to take take charge in their learning, so they will have full access to materials, instructions, and challenges for that week as well as previous weeks. These tasks are scaffolded by difficulty, so even beginners will have plenty to do. This way, students can pace themselves and choose what they want to learn about according to their schedule, interests and their experience levels during their free work time.
Absolutely! Since they sign up by the week, they can do GameChangers one week and DreamBuilders the next. Campers are free to specialize or try both.
During early registration (ends March 31) camps cost $374/week. Afterwards, camps cost $399/week. This applies to both DreamBuilders and GameChangers.
There will be a maximum of twenty five students in each camp. There will be one head counselor and one assistant counselor for each group. The camp directors will also be on hand to engage with your child.
Our camps are guided by teachers, graduate and undergraduates students with backgrounds in education, as well as technology, design, and engineering to serve as counselors. We look for responsible, creative, and enthusiastic educators who work hard to facilitate student engagement, empowerment as well as fun.
It’s absolutely ok! Beginners as well as advanced coders and makers are both very welcome.
Students will need to bring a lunch and two snacks. Laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks will be available to campers with relevant apps and software installed, so they do not need to bring their own technology to the camp.
Students are welcome to bring their own technology and games, however, we do not assume any liability for student-owned equipment.
When caregivers sign up for a session, there will be a section in which they will list the names of persons that are authorized to sign their camper in or out. If someone not on their authorized list comes to pick a camper up, we will call the primary contact for verbal confirmation before allowing the camper to check out.
If disciplinary issues occur, we will deal with them in a case by case manner. Our first priority is student safety. We talk to the camper in question and if we must, then we can have them sit with the camp directors to cool off as long as necessary. If it reaches that point, we will get in contact with the primary caregiver to let them know what happened and work together to reach an amenable solution.
Each camper’s Medical Release Form authorizes Red Cross certified ImagineLab staff members to administer first aid. In case of emergency, camp staff will obtain care at UNC Hospitals and contact the child’s parents.
On the Tuesday before the week’s session.
We do offer limited financial support for parents who demonstrate need. Please email us for more information.