Professional Development – Reconnect and Recharge Project

Professional Development – Reconnect and Recharge Project

September 29, 2017

The School of Education would like to invite your participation in our eighth annual Reconnect and Recharge (R&R) Seminar, an ongoing informal discussion seminar for graduates of our educator preparation programs. This project is one way the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seeks to support recent graduates who are new to the profession of education or advancing their education careers. The program includes graduates of our teacher preparation, counseling and administration programs, bringing educators together to share the issues that are of central concern to participants.

Participants in Reconnect and Recharge will meet four times this school year to explore the kinds of successes and challenges you face in your work as teachers, counselors, or administrators. Together we will both problem solve issues of concern for you in your daily work and discuss how we may keep our education program experiences in tune with the needs of professionals in today’s schools. Many of our past participants in the program have identified R&R as the most influential and supportive professional development experience of their career. We look forward to the seminar providing you with a productive and supportive space in which you can talk about your practice–the challenges and successes–with colleagues.

The Reconnect and Recharge sessions will take place in Chapel Hill on four Saturdays:

  • November 4,
  • December 9,
  • February 10,
  • and April 21.

All sessions will be held from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Carolina Center for Education Excellence.

In order that this be most effective for everyone, we ask that all participants commit to attending all four sessions so as to build a community of practice. We recognize that circumstances may arise, but we request that you anticipate being able to attend all sessions. We will provide you with breakfast and lunch at each session. Also, if you are travelling to these sessions from a distance, we will pay for any mileage above 50 miles with a maximum not to exceed 100 miles (mileage will be reimbursed at the State rate).

We certainly hope you will join us and your fellow graduates at Reconnect and Recharge. Please notify us of your interest in attending no later than October 18, 2017 by submitting the form below. We have a limited number of spots available for the program, so kindly respond as soon as possible.

Reconnect and Recharge Registration Form

Please note that we will give preference to professionals in their first five years of experience. We will send out the registration confirmation letter by 10/20/2017. If you have any additional questions, please email Claire Liu, We are happy to answer any and all questions that you might have.